Exploring the Marriages of Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong, the iconic jazz musician and trumpeter, had a colorful personal life that included several marriages. Let’s delve into the details of Armstrong’s unions and the women who played significant roles in his life.

Daisy Parker: Louis Armstrong’s First Wife

Louis Armstrong’s first wife was Daisy Parker. The couple entered into matrimony in 1919, but unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce in 1923. While the exact reasons for their separation remain unclear, this marriage marked the beginning of Armstrong’s journey through matrimony.

Alpha Smith: Armstrong’s Second Wife

Alpha Smith was Louis Armstrong’s second wife. They exchanged vows in 1938, but their marriage lasted for only four years, ending in 1942. Limited information is available about their relationship, making it difficult to ascertain the specific circumstances surrounding their divorce.

Lucille Wilson: Armstrong’s Third and Final Wife

Lucille Wilson became Louis Armstrong’s third and final wife. They tied the knot in 1942 and remained together until Armstrong’s passing in 1971. Lucille Wilson played a vital role in Armstrong’s life, offering unwavering support and companionship throughout his illustrious career.

In conclusion, Louis Armstrong was married three times. Daisy Parker was his first wife, Alpha Smith his second, and Lucille Wilson his third and final wife. While Armstrong experienced both the joys and challenges of married life, his marriages undoubtedly shaped his personal and professional journey.



Who was Louis Armstrong married to?

Louis Armstrong was married to three women throughout his life: Daisy Parker, Alpha Smith, and Lucille Wilson.

When did Louis Armstrong marry Daisy Parker?

Louis Armstrong married Daisy Parker in 1919.

When did Louis Armstrong divorce Daisy Parker?

Louis Armstrong and Daisy Parker divorced in 1923.

Who was Louis Armstrong’s second wife?

Alpha Smith was Louis Armstrong’s second wife.

When did Louis Armstrong marry Alpha Smith?

Louis Armstrong married Alpha Smith in 1938.

When did Louis Armstrong divorce Alpha Smith?

Louis Armstrong and Alpha Smith divorced in 1942.

Who was Louis Armstrong’s third wife?

Lucille Wilson was Louis Armstrong’s third and final wife.

When did Louis Armstrong marry Lucille Wilson?

Louis Armstrong married Lucille Wilson in 1942.