Who won ABDC Season 2?

When was season 6 of ABDC?

April 7, 2011

The sixth season of America’s Best Dance Crew, also known as America’s Best Dance Crew: Season of the Superstars, premiered on April 7, 2011. Taking a different route from past seasons, the crews performed to the music of one specific artist each week, including Rihanna, Lil Wayne, and other stars.

Why did Ben Chung leave Jabbawockeez?

One of our treasured members, Ben Chung, has decided to leave the mask behind to pursue his own personal endeavors. We thank Ben for his dedication and commitment that helped to shape the Jabbawockeez over the years.

Is there a girl in Jabbawockeez?

Ariah Tsukada-Aka has known she wanted to join the Jabbawockeez since she was 3, when she first saw the group on “America’s Best Dance Crew” Season 1. She began studying their YouTube videos and experimenting with their movement style.

Who is the best dance group in the world?

The Royal Family

They are one of the most successful and most watched dance groups in the world.

Is Quest Crew still together?

They helped with the choreography for well-known duo LMFAO and have previously toured with them as well. On August 29, 2015, Quest Crew was declared all-star champions of Season 8 of America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) receiving $100,000 and the ABDC trophy again.

Quest Crew
Years active 2006–present

What dance competition did the Jabbawockeez win?

America’s Best Dance Crew

The Jabbawockeez is an American hip-hop dance crew that rose to prominence as the winner of the first season of America’s Best Dance Crew in 2008.

Who won Great Dance Crew China?

Mao Ning, 27, is using her stage charisma to win over the coaches of the talent show Great Dance Crew, which offers nearly 60 young women who have a strong passion for street dance to be trained by professionals and to prepare group performances of various styles.

Who were the ICONic boyz?

The ICONic Boyz are a dance crew that appeared in the episode Copy Kat It Up, performing to a remix of th Live 2 Dance soundtrack. They were competitors on the sixth season of “America’s Best Dance Crew”, finishing the compeition as runner-up.