Why did the Rolling Stones write Paint it black?

Why is it called Paint It Black?

Paint it black is a love song. The red door symbolizes the the prostitution house she worked at for in the 60s red doors were symbols of prostitution houses. He wants it painted black to mourn her death. He wants the world painted black so all will feel his misery.

Is Paint It Black about Vietnam War?

While the Rolling Stones’ song “Paint It Black” was not written about the Vietnam War, it has great meaning for many combat veterans from that war. The depression, the aura of premature death, loss of innocence, abandonment of all hope are perfectly expressed in the song.

How does the song Paint It Black relate to the Vietnam War?

In the late 1980s, “Paint It Black” became associated with the Vietnam War due to its use in both the ending credits of the 1987 film Full Metal Jacket and its use as the theme song for Tour Of Duty, a CBS-TV show about the Vietnam war which ran from 1987-1990.

What is the meaning behind Gimme Shelter?

In his autobiography Life, Richards revealed that the tension of the song was inspired by his jealousy at seeing the relationship between Pallenberg and Jagger, and his suspicions of an affair between them. As released, the song begins with Richards performing a guitar intro, soon joined by Jagger’s lead vocal.

Why is it paint the town red?

The expression is American slang meaning to go on a reckless debauch, to be wildly extravagant. Originally, the metaphor applied to bonfires painting the sky or scenery red. An old Irish ballad contains the lines: The beacon hills were painted red/ With many a fire that night.