Getting fingers to land in the same place

How can I improve my finger placement on guitar?

Quote from video: So you really every time you've got a finger in a fret. You try and get it right up next to the fret. Without touching it that's the rule as close as you can get it to the fret.

Do you put your fingers on the frets?

The closer your finger is to a fret, the less effort you will need to apply to get a clean note. However, you do not want to place your finger directly on the fret as it will also cause a muted note. Always have your finger slightly behind the fret.

What to do when you can’t reach a fret?

As far as exercises, just try walking your fingers up and down each string (one at a time) and just keep telling yourself, one finger per fret. You’ll get there, just keep at it and if you get frustrated, that’s ok, just put it down and try again later.