Are Old Tech Decks Worth Anything?

In the world of collectibles, even the smallest and seemingly insignificant items can hold significant value. Tech Decks, miniature skateboards that gained popularity in the late 90s, have garnered attention from collectors and enthusiasts alike. But are old Tech Decks worth anything? Let’s explore the factors that contribute to the value of these miniature skateboards.


Certain Tech Decks that were released in limited numbers or as exclusive editions have the potential to become rare collectibles. These limited availability items are highly sought after by collectors who are willing to pay a premium for the chance to own a piece of skateboarding history.

Limited Edition Sets

Tech Deck has released exclusive sets that include unique features and designs. One notable example is the Ultimate Half-Pipe Ramp with Exclusive Finger Board. This set replicates a real-life half-pipe and comes with a signature pro model fingerboard. The Transforming Pipelines Playset is another sought-after set that offers a modular skatepark experience. These limited edition sets attract collectors due to their distinctive components and collectible value.

Throwback Series

Tech Deck has a throwback series that showcases retro and throwback graphics from famous skate companies. These fingerboards can be purchased randomly or as rare designs. Collectors appreciate the nostalgia associated with these graphics and are willing to pay more for rare designs like the Aquatic Night fingerboard.

Commemorative Packs

Tech Deck has released commemorative packs that feature mini skateboards with graphics from iconic skate brands. These packs, such as the SK8 Factory DLX 14-Pack (The 90s Golden Era Edition), pay homage to the skateboarding tradition of the 90s. Collectors value these packs as they allow them to own a collection of fingerboards with graphics from renowned skateboarding companies.

Brand Collaborations

Tech Deck has collaborated with skateboarding brands like Girl Skateboards, releasing ultra-deluxe packs with authentic graphics from these companies. For example, the Tech Deck Girl Skateboards- Ultra DLX 4-Pack includes assembled boards and materials to build additional fingerboards. These collaborations attract both skateboarding enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate the partnership between Tech Deck and established skate brands.

Limited-Edition Designs

In addition to collaborations, Tech Deck has released limited-edition fingerboards with unique designs. One notable example is the Chris Pastras Guitar Fingerboard, which falls under the ultra-rare category. These limited-edition designs add exclusivity and desirability to the Tech Deck collectibles market.


The value of old Tech Decks can vary depending on factors such as rarity, condition, and demand from collectors. Rare Tech Decks that are in excellent condition and are highly sought after can command higher prices in the collector’s market. It is important to note that the value of collectibles can fluctuate over time, influenced by market trends and collector demand.

In conclusion, old Tech Decks can indeed hold value in the collectibles market. The rarity, limited edition sets, throwback series, brand collaborations, limited-edition designs, and overall demand from collectors contribute to the value of these miniature skateboards. If you happen to have a rare or sought-after Tech Deck in your possession, it could be worth something to the right collector.




Are all old Tech Decks valuable?

No, not all old Tech Decks hold significant value. The value of Tech Decks depends on factors such as rarity, limited editions, unique designs, and demand from collectors.

How can I determine the value of my old Tech Deck?

Determining the value of an old Tech Deck can be challenging. Factors to consider include rarity, condition, demand from collectors, and any unique features or collaborations. Researching recent sales and consulting with experienced collectors or online forums can provide insights into the potential value of your Tech Deck.

Can I sell my old Tech Decks?

Yes, you can sell your old Tech Decks. Online platforms like auction websites, collectibles marketplaces, or dedicated forums for fingerboard collectors can be good places to sell your Tech Decks. Ensure you accurately describe the condition, rarity, and any unique features to attract potential buyers.

How can I preserve the value of my old Tech Decks?

To preserve the value of your old Tech Decks, it is important to store them properly. Keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent fading or damage. Consider using protective cases or sleeves to prevent scratches. Handling the fingerboards with care and avoiding excessive use can also help maintain their condition.

Are limited edition Tech Decks more valuable?

Yes, limited edition Tech Decks can often be more valuable due to their exclusivity and scarcity. Limited edition sets, rare designs, or collaborations with famous skate brands can increase the desirability and collectible value of Tech Decks.

What are some rare Tech Decks that are considered highly valuable?

Some rare Tech Decks that are considered highly valuable include exclusive sets like the Ultimate Half-Pipe Ramp with Exclusive Finger Board, limited-edition designs like the Chris Pastras Guitar Fingerboard, and throwback series fingerboards featuring retro graphics from famous skate companies.

Can the value of old Tech Decks increase over time?

Yes, the value of old Tech Decks can increase over time, especially if they are rare, in excellent condition, and in high demand among collectors. However, the collectibles market can be unpredictable, so it is essential to consider market trends and collector demand when assessing the potential value of your Tech Decks.

Are there any other factors besides rarity that affect the value of Tech Decks?

Yes, besides rarity, other factors that can affect the value of Tech Decks include condition (mint condition items are often more valuable), demand from collectors, any unique features or collaborations, and the overall popularity of Tech Decks as a collectible item.