How do I maintain flamenco guitar fingernails?

How do I protect my nails when playing guitar?

Use a file, not clippers

  1. Tip: Keep your nails still and move the nail file.
  2. Metal files work great, just don’t try to take them on a plane.
  3. File nails from underneath, at an upward angle, instead of flat.
  4. Form a ramp that the string can slide off of.

How do guitarists keep their nails clean?

Wash your hands as often as possible to remove excess grease, use a old toothbrush for your nails. Try to identify what kind of dirt is getting under your nails and from where. Touching furniture, carpets, etc. gets in combination with grease gets your nails dirty.

How do I keep my classical guitar nails from breaking?

Don’t file nails all the way down to the nail bed at the sides. Doing so takes away the natural nail wrap that protects from horizontal splits. Do invest in a really good nail file. Do invest in very fine abrasive paper like that sold by the Classical Guitar Store as nail paper.