How much does it cost to sponsor a podcast episode?

How Podcast Sponsorship Works. Prices for podcast sponsorships are typically based on the number of average downloads. Sponsors pay on a cost per mille (CPM) basis. Rates range from $18 to $50 CPM, though podcasts like This American Life or HowStuffWorks with millions of listeners can pull in a lot more.

How much do sponsors give podcasts?

The pricing of podcast ads can be structured in different ways. Most commonly, it will be a fixed rate or calculated using cost per mile (CPM). For a 30-second ad, the cost per mile (or cost per 1,000 listeners) is $15-18. For a 60-second ad, the cost per mile is $25-30, but it can be as much as $40.

How do podcasts get sponsored?

Reach Out to Sponsors Directly

Contact potential sponsors directly. Research podcasts in your niche. Check them out (or have a listen!) and identify which products or services they advertise. Look up the company’s details and find a point of contact.

How many podcast downloads Do you need to get sponsors?

Many podcast sponsors are looking for at least 5,000 downloads per episode, and they often pay based on the number of downloads each podcast episode gets (in increments of 1,000).

How much do podcasts with 10000 listeners make?

For example, if someone is using affiliate sales, advertising, sponsorships, and paid subscriptions, they’re likely to earn much more than someone who’s only relying on one stream. In this case, we’d say that a podcaster can possibly earn somewhere around $300- $5 000 per episode with 10 000 downloads.

How many followers do you need to get paid sponsorship?

You don’t need a certain number of followers to get a sponsorship! You can land brand deals with as little as 100 followers. It’s all about how you sell yourself. My advice: start monetizing your social media channels now!

Can I pay to promote my podcast?

A wide range of platforms offer paid ads you can use to promote your podcast, such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Discord. Below, we’ll cover why you should consider each platform and the types of ads they offer.

Do podcasts pay royalties?

Podcasts do not currently generate performance and/or mechanical royalties. Show creators typically pay a flat upfront fee to license your music instead. Other than this one-time fee, there are no additional publishing royalties generated from the streaming or downloading of podcasts at this point.

How much do podcast hosts get paid?

As of Oct 20, 2022, the average annual pay for a Podcast Host in the United States is $72,835 a year.

How do you negotiate a podcast sponsor?

When talking to a potential sponsor or negotiating, you should make sure that what they offer speaks to you and your audience, that their values are aligned to your values. You always have to think about your audience, if this sponsorship will be of interest to them, and does it reflect your brand as a podcast.