How to connect a record player to

What can you connect to? works across your entire music collection. You can scrobble from your desktop music app, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play Music, Deezer, SoundCloud, Sonos, Tidal, and more.

What is scrobble record?

Your Scrobbles are a record of your entire listening history – not just on, but everywhere. You could think of like a digital record collection, except that it’s not just tracking the music you own, but the music you’ve listened to — including on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Can I link my with Spotify?

To connect to Spotify, go to the “Track My Music” page on the website. The Track My Music page has a link you can use to connect your and Spotify accounts. can track (or “scrobble”) everything you listen to on Spotify, no matter what Spotify app you use.

How do you use Scrobbler?

fm’s Scrobbler plug-in on your computer.

For example, here’s how you do it on This Is My Jam.

  1. While you’re on This Is My Jam, go to Account > Settings. Screenshot by Eliot Van Buskirk/
  2. Click the Connected Apps tab.
  3. Next to, click the Connect button.
  4. Enter your username and password.

What does a Scrobble mean?

(transitive, slang) To waylay, kidnap or steal.

What does it mean to Scrobble a track?

(ˈskrɒbəl ) verb. (of an online music service) to record (a listener’s musical preferences) and recommend similar music that he or she might enjoy.

What does it mean to Scrobble a song? tracks what songs and artists you listen to through a process called “scrobbling.” “Scrobble” is a made-up word that simply refers to how records your listening habits. Whenever you listen to a song, “scrobbles” that song and adds it to your account.

How many hours is a Scrobble?

When is a scrobble a scrobble? A track should only be scrobbled when the following conditions have been met: The track must be longer than 30 seconds. And the track has been played for at least half its duration, or for 4 minutes (whichever occurs earlier.)

How many minutes is a Scrobble?

In order to be scrobbled, a track must play for 240 seconds or halfway through, whichever comes first. It must also have a track length of 30 seconds or more. Once these conditions have been met, the track is scrobbled when playback completes or the track is changed by the user.