Is Hole Still a Band?

Hole, an American rock band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1989, gained significant prominence during the 1990s and early-2010s. Led by singer Courtney Love and guitarist Eric Erlandson, the band experienced various lineup changes throughout its existence. This article aims to explore the current status of Hole and whether the band is still active.

The Formation and Success

Hole was founded in 1989 by Courtney Love and Eric Erlandson. The band quickly gained attention for their alternative rock sound, influenced by the punk rock scene in Los Angeles. They released their debut album, “Pretty on the Inside,” in 1991, which garnered critical interest and established their presence in the indie music scene.

Commercial Success and Influence

Building on their initial success, Hole achieved commercial breakthrough with their second album, “Live Through This,” released in 1994. The album blended elements of punk, grunge, and pop rock, and received widespread acclaim. It reached platinum status within a year of its release and solidified Hole’s position as one of the most commercially successful rock bands fronted by a woman.

Disbandment and Reformation

Despite their success, Hole disbanded in 2002, with the band members pursuing individual projects. However, in 2010, Courtney Love reformed the band with new members and released the album “Nobody’s Daughter” the same year. This marked a new chapter for Hole and provided fans with new music.

Transition to Solo Career

In 2013, Courtney Love retired the Hole name and continued her musical journey as a solo artist. She released new material and embarked on solo tours, showcasing her artistic growth and evolution.

The Possibility of a Reunion

Over the years, there have been discussions and speculations about a possible Hole reunion. However, Courtney Love recently stated that there will “absolutely not” be a Hole reunion, effectively closing the door on any future plans to revive the band.


In conclusion, while Hole had a significant impact on the rock music scene, the band is currently inactive. Courtney Love’s statement confirms that there are no plans for a Hole reunion. Fans of the band can appreciate their influential contributions through their discography, but should not anticipate any future performances or releases under the Hole name.


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Is Hole Still a Band?

When was Hole formed?

Hole was formed in 1989 in Los Angeles, California.

Who were the founding members of Hole?

The founding members of Hole were Courtney Love and Eric Erlandson.

How many studio albums did Hole release?

Hole released a total of four studio albums throughout their career.

Did Hole achieve commercial success?

Yes, Hole achieved significant commercial success, becoming one of the most commercially successful rock bands fronted by a woman.

When did Hole disband?

Hole disbanded in 2002.

Was there a Hole reunion?

Yes, in 2010, Courtney Love reformed Hole with new members and released an album titled “Nobody’s Daughter” that year.

What happened after the Hole reunion?

After the Hole reunion, Courtney Love retired the Hole name in 2013 and continued her musical career as a solo artist.

Is there a possibility of a future Hole reunion?

As of now, Courtney Love has ruled out the possibility of a Hole reunion, stating that there will “absolutely not” be one.