Looking to compile a list of songs about ghosts

Whats a good song to let someone know you love them?

Best Love Songs: 15 Most Romantic Songs to Fall in Love With

  • 1. “ I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston (1992)
  • 2. “ I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton (1974)
  • 3. “ A Sunday Kind of Love” by Etta James (1960)
  • 4. “ Love Song” by Lana Del Rey (2019)
  • 5. “ Some People Never Know” by Wings (1971)
  • 6. “
  • 7. “
  • 8. “

What song can I dedicate to my lover?

The 80 Greatest Love Songs to Dedicate to Your Special Someone

  • “Cheek to Cheek” By Fred Astaire (1935)
  • “This Magic Moment” By The Drifters (1960)
  • “At Last” By Etta James (1960)
  • “can’t Help Falling In Love” By Elvis Presley (1961)
  • “L-O-V-E” By Nat King Cole (1964)
  • “Fly Me To The Moon” By Frank Sinatra (1964)

What is the best songs to say I love you?

Best love songs, ranked

  1. ‘This Magic Moment’ by the Drifters.
  2. ‘Love Me Like You Do’ by Ellie Goulding.
  3. ‘Unchained Melody’ by the Righteous Brothers.
  4. ‘Slow Show’ by the National.
  5. ‘At Last’ by Etta James.
  6. ‘Let’s Stay Together’ by Al Green.
  7. ‘God Only Knows’ by the Beach Boys.
  8. ‘Be My Baby’ by the Ronettes.

Is there a ghost soundtrack?

Ghost is the official soundtrack, on the Milan Records label, of the 1990 Academy Award- and Golden Globe-winning film Ghost starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg (who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as “Oda Mae Brown” in this film) and Tony Goldwyn.

What kind of music is in love with a ghost?

lo-fi music

In the depths of the music genre known as lo-fi music, a type of music known for their lower quality of sound recordings, one will find In Love with a Ghost: a musician with the talent of making extremely cute and loveable music.

What is the theme song for ghosts?

Quote from video:

Does ghost write their own songs?

Ghost, also known as Ghost B.C., is a Swedish rock band. They have released 5 albums and 3 extended plays (EPs), gathering 67 songs, mostly written by frontman Tobias Forge under the credit of “A Ghoul Writer”.


Song “Helvetesfönster”
Writer(s) A Ghoul Writer (Tobias Forge)
Album Prequelle
Producer Tom Dalgety
Year 2018