Play E-Drums with Pedals only?

Can you use any kick pedal on electronic drums?

Firstly, a kick drum pedal (also called bass drum pedal) that’s used on an electronic drum kit is exactly the same as one that can be used on an acoustic drum kit. As electronic drum kits are designed to emulate everything about an acoustic drum kit, the pedals are designed to work with both….

Do you need a special kick pedal for e drums?

All you need is a big enough kick pad that can support two beaters and a double bass drum pedal. Then you’re good to go. Whether you’re adding a double kick pedal to your existing kit or buying a new double bass electronic drum set entirely, there are suitable e-drum kits that are compatible with a double bass pedal.

Is mesh kick better than rubber kick?

Rubber pads sound louder than mesh ones (as they transfer more vibration to your rack and into the floor), so if you want an electronic drum experience that’s less likely to cheese off your family or neighbours, then an all mesh kit is the way to go.