Progression of major triads on minor thirds

How do you change a major triad into a minor triad?

All you need to do is lower the third by a half step. The C major triad consist of C E G: Deriving the C minor triad is as easy as lowering the third degree from a major third (E) to a minor third (Eb). By doing so, the tonal attribute of the triad changes from major to something entirely different – minor.

Which triad consists of a major 3rd then followed by a minor 3rd?

flat major triad

A flat major triad

These examples of major triads all begin on different notes, but the intervals between the root, 3rd and 5th notes of the triad remain the same – it is always a major 3rd followed by a minor 3rd.

What note is the 3rd of an A major triad?

A major triad has a major third (M3) on the bottom, a minor third (m3) on top, and a perfect fifth (P5) between the outer notes.