What is I miss you in Waray?

Well, “I miss you.” in Waray is “Nahidlaw ako ha imo.” or you may say “Ginmimingaw ako ha imo.” which is a more romantic version.

How do you say my love in Waray?

Gugma” is a word for love shared by Cebuano, Waray, and Hiligaynon speakers.

How do you say goodnight in Waray?

Good evening. Maupay nga gab-i. Good night. Maupay nga gab-i.

What is beautiful in Waray?

Waray-waray terms: 1. Mahusay : beautiful.

How do you say good morning in Waray Waray?

Here is a list of useful Waray phrases essential for tourists and travelers. Good morning (to you/us all)! Maupay nga aga (ha inyo/aton nga tanan)!

What is Langga Waray?

“langga” or “palangga” is an endearment in bisaya that translates to “the one i love” or “my love” and it’s just so cute and soft and innocent and wholesome idk :—( 244 Shares.

What is Gugma Waray?

Quote from video:

What is Nkata?

Nkata is a Xitsonga word meaning “Fiance” in English.

What is the meaning of chikka?

Pronounced as it is spelled, Chikka (\’CHI-ka\, derived from chika) is a colloquial Filipino term for ‘“small talk” or “chatter”.

What is Mabaho in Waray?

mabaho-baho. a bit stinky/smelly.