The Powers of Ruby Daly in The Darkest Minds

Ruby Daly, the main protagonist of “The Darkest Minds” series, possesses extraordinary powers that make her a formidable and complex character within the story. This article explores the various abilities that Ruby possesses, drawing information from multiple sources such as the official “The Darkest Minds Wiki” (, the “Darkest Minds Fans Wiki” (, and “Heroes+BreezeWiki” (

Mind Control

Ruby has the unique ability to control the minds of others, granting her the power to manipulate their thoughts and actions. With this power, she can influence people to do things against their will, bending their minds to her command. Ruby’s mind control abilities provide her with a significant advantage, allowing her to navigate dangerous situations and manipulate others to achieve her goals (The Darkest Minds Wiki).


Another remarkable power that Ruby possesses is telepathy. She can tap into the minds of other individuals, allowing her to hear their thoughts and access their innermost desires. This telepathic ability grants Ruby a heightened sense of awareness, enabling her to gather vital information and gain insights into the intentions and emotions of those around her (The Darkest Minds Wiki).

Memory Manipulation

Ruby’s most distinctive and powerful ability sets her apart from other individuals with mind control powers. Unlike other “oranges” in the story, she possesses the remarkable capacity to create, manipulate, and even erase memories. This unique power allows Ruby to alter someone’s recollection of events, implant false memories, or completely wipe away a person’s memories, leaving them unaware of past experiences or interactions (The Darkest Minds Wiki).


Ruby Daly’s powers in “The Darkest Minds” series are truly extraordinary and play a vital role in shaping her character and the events of the story. With her mind control abilities, telepathy, and memory manipulation, Ruby becomes a formidable force to be reckoned with. These powers provide her with the means to navigate the dangerous world she inhabits and to manipulate both friend and foe alike.


What powers does Ruby Daly possess in “The Darkest Minds”?

Ruby Daly possesses mind control, telepathy, and memory manipulation abilities.

How does Ruby’s mind control power work?

Ruby can control the minds of others, manipulating their thoughts and actions to make them do things against their will.

What is Ruby’s telepathic ability?

Ruby has the power of telepathy, enabling her to tap into the minds of other people and hear their thoughts.

What makes Ruby’s memory manipulation power unique?

Ruby’s memory manipulation power sets her apart from other “oranges” in the story. She can create, manipulate, and even erase people’s memories, altering their recollection of events or wiping their memories entirely.

How does Ruby use her powers in “The Darkest Minds”?

Ruby utilizes her mind control, telepathy, and memory manipulation abilities to navigate dangerous situations, manipulate others to achieve her goals, gather information, and gain insights into the thoughts and emotions of those around her.

Can Ruby control the minds of multiple people at once?

There is no specific mention of Ruby’s ability to control multiple minds simultaneously in the available sources.

Does Ruby’s mind control power have any limitations?

The available sources do not provide specific information about any limitations to Ruby’s mind control power.

How does Ruby’s memory manipulation affect her relationships and interactions with others?

Ruby’s memory manipulation power plays a significant role in the story, as she can alter or erase memories of herself in others. This affects her relationships and interactions as she grapples with the consequences of manipulating others’ memories and the impact it has on their perception of her.