Discovering the NBA Playoff Game Radio Station: Your Guide

This article aims to provide valuable information on where to find radio coverage for NBA playoff games. It will focus on ESPN Radio’s coverage and provide a comprehensive list of NBA radio affiliates across various market areas. By exploring these sources, fans will have access to live broadcasts of NBA playoff games on the radio.

NBA on ESPN Radio

ESPN 630 AM is a reliable radio station that offers live coverage of NBA games on ESPN Radio. Fans can tune in to this station to listen to the exciting NBA playoff games. ESPN Radio has a longstanding reputation for providing in-depth coverage of sports events, including the NBA.

NBA Radio Affiliates provides a comprehensive list of NBA radio affiliates across different market areas. These radio stations broadcast NBA games on their respective frequencies, allowing fans to tune in and enjoy the games on their local radio stations. Here are some examples of NBA radio affiliates:

  • KJNO-AM 630: Located in Juneau, Alaska.
  • WTMM-AM 1300: Located in Albany, NY.
  • KNML-AM 1050: Located in Albuquerque, N.M.
  • WQXI-AM 790: Located in Atlanta, Ga.
  • WEEI-AM 850: Located in Boston, Ma.
  • WMVP-AM 1000: Located in Chicago, IL.
  • WKNR-AM 1220: Located in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • KKFN-AM 950: Located in Denver, Colo.
  • KFBC-AM 1240: Located in Cheyenne, WY.
  • KROD-AM 600: Located in El Paso, Texas.
  • KXTA-AM 1150: Located in Los Angeles, Calif.
  • WFAN-AM 660: Located in New York, N.Y.
  • WTMJ-AM 620: Located in Milwaukee, Wis.
  • KFAN-AM 1130: Located in Minneapolis, Minn.

These are just a few examples of the NBA radio affiliates available across the country. Fans can consult the comprehensive list provided by to find their local NBA radio affiliate and tune in to enjoy the playoff games.


In conclusion, fans can enjoy live coverage of NBA playoff games on the radio by tuning in to ESPN Radio or their local NBA radio affiliates. ESPN Radio, including ESPN 630 AM, provides extensive coverage of NBA games, while the NBA radio affiliates listed on offer localized broadcasts across different market areas. By utilizing these resources, fans can find the appropriate radio station to listen to their favorite NBA teams during the playoffs.



Which radio station broadcasts NBA playoff games?

ESPN Radio is the primary radio station that broadcasts NBA playoff games. They provide extensive coverage of the NBA postseason, allowing fans to tune in and listen to the games on their local ESPN Radio affiliate stations.

How can I find the local ESPN Radio affiliate station in my area?

To find the local ESPN Radio affiliate station in your area, you can visit the official ESPN website or use their mobile app. They typically have a section dedicated to listing the various affiliate stations across different regions. By entering your location or selecting your city, you can easily find the ESPN Radio station that broadcasts NBA playoff games in your area.

Are NBA playoff games available on other radio stations?

Yes, in addition to ESPN Radio, NBA playoff games are also broadcasted on local radio stations that serve as NBA radio affiliates. These affiliates have partnerships with the NBA and air the games on their respective frequencies. By consulting the official NBA website or local sports radio listings, you can find the specific radio stations that carry NBA playoff games in your area.

Can I listen to NBA playoff games on online platforms or mobile apps?

Yes, many radio stations and networks that broadcast NBA playoff games offer online streaming options or mobile apps. ESPN Radio, for example, has an official app that allows users to listen to their live broadcasts, including NBA playoff games, on their smartphones or tablets. Additionally, some local NBA radio affiliates may also provide online streaming options through their websites or dedicated mobile apps.

Is there a blackout policy for NBA playoff games on radio?

While blackout policies are more commonly associated with television broadcasts, it’s important to note that some radio stations or networks may have restrictions on streaming NBA playoff games online or through mobile apps. These restrictions are typically imposed due to licensing agreements or regional broadcast rights. It’s advisable to check with the specific radio station or network for any blackout policies or limitations regarding online streaming of NBA playoff games.

Are NBA playoff games available in languages other than English?

In some cases, select NBA playoff games may be available in languages other than English, especially in markets with a significant non-English speaking population or international broadcasts. These language options can vary depending on the region and the radio station/network broadcasting the games. Fans interested in listening to NBA playoff games in languages other than English can explore local sports radio stations or networks that cater to specific language communities.

Can I listen to NBA playoff games on satellite radio?

Yes, satellite radio services such as SiriusXM often carry NBA playoff games on specific channels dedicated to sports coverage. Subscribers to satellite radio services can tune in to these designated sports channels to listen to live broadcasts of NBA playoff games. It’s recommended to check the channel lineup or the official website of the satellite radio provider for specific information on NBA playoff game coverage.

How can I stay updated on the NBA playoff schedule and game broadcasts?

To stay updated on the NBA playoff schedule and game broadcasts, you can visit the official NBA website, ESPN’s NBA section, or reliable sports news websites. These platforms provide comprehensive information on game schedules, including radio broadcast details. Additionally, following NBA teams, ESPN, or affiliated radio stations on social media platforms such as Twitter can also provide real-time updates and announcements regarding NBA playoff game broadcasts.