Number 18 on the San Francisco 49ers: Mitch Wishnowsky

Mitch Wishnowsky, the talented punter for the San Francisco 49ers, holds the jersey number 18. Born on March 3, 1992, in Gosnells, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, Wishnowsky’s journey to the NFL is a remarkable one. This article explores his background, college career, NFL draft selection, and professional achievements.


Mitch Wishnowsky grew up playing Australian rules football, a popular sport in his home country. However, due to shoulder injuries, he had to give up his passion for Australian rules football. Undeterred, Wishnowsky set his sights on a new athletic pursuit—American football.

College Career

Wishnowsky’s American football journey began when he attended the University of Utah. As a punter for the Utah Utes, Wishnowsky showcased tremendous skill and ability. In 2016, he received the prestigious Ray Guy Award, recognizing him as the best punter in college football. Furthermore, Wishnowsky earned unanimous All-American honors that same year, solidifying his status as an elite punter.

Throughout his college career, Wishnowsky consistently displayed exceptional punting averages and a knack for pinning opponents deep inside their own territory. His ability to control field position became a valuable asset for the Utah Utes.

NFL Draft

In the 2019 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers recognized Wishnowsky’s talent and potential, selecting him in the fourth round. His draft selection marked him as the first of two punters chosen that year, highlighting the confidence the 49ers had in his abilities.

Professional Career

After being drafted by the 49ers, Wishnowsky signed a four-year contract with the team in April 2019. Since then, he has taken on the role of the team’s primary punter. Wishnowsky’s impact has been felt on the field, with notable performances that have contributed to the 49ers’ success.

One standout game for Wishnowsky came against the Arizona Cardinals, where he consistently landed multiple punts inside the opponent’s 20-yard line, showcasing his precision and ability to flip field position. Additionally, Wishnowsky had the opportunity to play in Super Bowl LIV during his rookie season, further solidifying his place among the league’s top punters.

In conclusion, Mitch Wishnowsky has established himself as a skilled and reliable punter for the San Francisco 49ers. With his background in Australian rules football and his success in college football, Wishnowsky brings a unique skill set to the NFL. As he continues to hone his craft, the 49ers can rely on Wishnowsky to play a crucial role in determining field position and contributing to the team’s overall success.



Who wears Number 18 for the San Francisco 49ers?

Mitch Wishnowsky, the punter for the San Francisco 49ers, wears Number 18.

What position does Mitch Wishnowsky play?

Mitch Wishnowsky plays as the punter for the San Francisco 49ers.

When was Mitch Wishnowsky born?

Mitch Wishnowsky was born on March 3, 1992.

Where is Mitch Wishnowsky from?

Mitch Wishnowsky is from Gosnells, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia.

What college did Mitch Wishnowsky attend?

Mitch Wishnowsky attended the University of Utah for his college football career.

Has Mitch Wishnowsky won any awards in college football?

Yes, Mitch Wishnowsky won the Ray Guy Award in 2016, which is given to the best punter in college football. He was also named a unanimous All-American that same year.

When was Mitch Wishnowsky drafted into the NFL?

Mitch Wishnowsky was selected by the San Francisco 49ers in the fourth round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

What notable achievements has Mitch Wishnowsky had in his professional career?

Since joining the San Francisco 49ers, Mitch Wishnowsky has consistently displayed his punting skills, including landing multiple punts inside the opponent’s 20-yard line in certain games. He also had the opportunity to play in Super Bowl LIV during his rookie season.