What was the significance of Jane Addams?

What is Jane Addams known for? Jane Addams cofounded and led Hull HouseHull HouseHull House was a settlement house in Chicago, Illinois, United States that was co-founded in 1889 by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr. Located on the Near West Side of the city, Hull House (named after the original house’s first owner Charles Jerald Hull) opened to serve recently arrived European immigrants.

What is the historical significance of Jane Addams?

She founded the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom in 1919, and worked for many years to get the great powers to disarm and conclude peace agreements. In the USA, Jane Addams worked to help the poor and to stop the use of children as industrial laborers.

What impact did Jane Addams have on society?

Jane Addams lived from 1860 to 1935, from the Civil War to the Great Depression. Her work foreshadowed the New Deal and the Great Society. She was a social justice progressive urging Americans to become more equal, cooperative, peaceful, and kind.

Who was Jane Addams and what was the goal?

Contents. Jane Addams (1860-1935) was a peace activist and a leader of the settlement house movement in America. As one of the most distinguished of the first generation of college-educated women, she rejected marriage and motherhood in favor of a lifetime commitment to the poor and social reform.

Why was Jane Addams important to the Gilded Age?

Addams represented reformers during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era who were concerned about the problems of modern industrial society. Hull House attempted to help immigrants adapt to American society and “Americanize” them.

Who was Jane Addams and why was she important quizlet?

Jane Addams was a pioneer settlement worker, founder of Hull House in Chicago, public philosopher, sociologist, author, and leader in woman suffrage and world peace.

What was Jane Addams best known for quizlet?


  • Jane Addams (1860-1935) Jane Addams is best known as the founder of Hull House where she provided help for poor immigrants who had come to Chicago.
  • Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906)
  • Vernon Baker (1919-2010) Vernon Baker, born in 1919, served as a First Lieutenant in the infantry during World War II.

What laws did Jane Addams accomplish?

Addams became a prolific writer and speaker, and she helped to found the National Child Labor Committee. This committee, chartered by Congress in 1907, led to the creation of the Federal Children’s Bureau in 1912 and passage of the Federal Child Labor Law in 1916.

How did Jane Addams improve urban life?

Addams sought not only to have sanitation improved, but also argued for playground reform. She thought that building safe spaces for children to play would let them exercise and play creatively without the danger from the filth in the streets. Addams found her efforts blocked by municipal corruption and inefficiency.

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