Where is Kurtz headed when he sneaks off in the middle of the night?

a native campa native camp.

Why is Kurtz in the Congo?

What is Kurtz doing in the Congo? Kurtz goes to the Congo as an emissary for the Company, a Belgian operation that has set up stations along the Congo River to facilitate the export of ivory. Kurtz runs the innermost station, and he proves to be the Company’s most efficient exporter.

Where does Marlow’s story take place in Heart of Darkness?

Marlow’s journey begins on the Thames River, just outside of London. He revels in past stories with the narrator, and also begins his new journey to the Congo on the same river. Although Marlow has been appointed captain of a steamboat in the Congo, he must get there first.

When Marlow is on the steamboat with Kurtz What does he do to get the natives to scatter?

Marlow is told not to worry because they are “simple people” (53). With a pull of the steamboat’s whistle the natives scatter.

What happens at the outer station in Heart of Darkness?

At the Company’s Outer Station in the Congo, Marlow witnesses scenes of brutality, chaos, and waste. Marlow speaks with an Accountant, whose spotless dress and uptight demeanor fascinate him. Marlow first learns from the Accountant of Kurtz — a “remarkable” agent working in the interior.

Why did Kurtz become evil?

Kurtz set out with good intentions on behalf of the Company, but ended up consumed by violent desires and greed.

What does Kurtz death symbolize?

Answer and Explanation: In Heart of Darkness, Kurtz’s death symbolizes the death of the illusion the Belgian trading company paints of their actions in the Congo. Despite all the horrors Marlow witnessed, he still held onto some attachment to Western culture and the loyalty to the company.

Is Heart of Darkness Based on a true story?

Conrad’s famous novella is based on a real journey the author took up the Congo in 1890, during King Leopold II of Belgium’s horrific rule. It is a fantastic, imaginative journey to find a man named Kurtz who has lost his mind in the African jungle.

What does Kurtz symbolize in Heart of Darkness?

Kurtz from Heart of Darkness represents British imperialism or colonialism. In essence, British colonialism is when a powerful country overpowers and takes control of less powerful countries for their resources. This is so they can become more prosperous and influential throughout the world.

How old is Marlow in Heart of Darkness?


Marlow is a thirty-two-year-old sailor who has always lived at sea. The novel’s narrator presents Marlow as “a meditating Buddha” because his experiences in the Congo have made him introspective and to a certain degree philosophic and wise.

Why does Marlow go into the Congo?

The Congo River was the only efficient way to move ivory or people around in the Congo. Since the ivory trade is the reason Marlow goes to the Congo—and the reason Kurtz is at the Inner Station—there would be no story without it.

What does the Congo symbolize in Heart of Darkness?

Another symbol in the Heart of Darkness is the Congo River. First of all, the river symbolizes movement toward a goal. It’s the only way the British have of getting to the center of the continent where the most ivory is, so it steers them towards their goal. It also moves Marlow toward his goal of reaching Kurtz.

What is the significance of the River Congo in the Heart of Darkness?

The River. The Congo River is the key to Africa for Europeans. It allows them access to the center of the continent without having to physically cross it; in other words, it allows the white man to remain always separate or outside.

Where was Kurtz in Apocalypse Now?


In Joseph Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness, a character named Kurtz escapes civilisation and domesticity (England and his wife) to go wild in the Congo. In Apocalypse Now, drawn from this book, a character named Kurtz escapes civilisation and domesticity (the US army and his wife) to go wild in Cambodia.

Whose head is Apocalypse Now?

Do you know that horror has a face? For Apocalypse Now audiences, that face belongs to Marlon Brando, as the renegade Colonel Kurtz.

Who killed Kurtz in Apocalypse Now?


Kurtz is “sacrificed” for the sins of the Army. Eventually, he speaks the same final words as his counterpart with the same ambiguous effect. After Willard kills Col. Kurtz, he leaves the hut, machete in hand, and sees hundreds of Kurtz’s followers bow to him as he walks to his boat.