Who is summer in the mentalist?

Who is the mother of Rigsby’s baby on The Mentalist?

Sarah Harrigan

Rigsby begins dating Sarah Harrigan, a public defender, in season 4. In “My Bloody Valentine”, she informs Rigsby she is pregnant.

What did Red John do to Jane’s wife and daughter?

Five years prior to the action of the first episode, he murdered the wife and daughter of Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), making Jane his dedicated nemesis.

When did Jane fall in love with Lisbon?

In the season 7 premiere, Nothing But Blue Skies, Jane starts a romantic relationship with Lisbon.

What happened to Kimball Cho?

Early in season 4, Cho injures his back when he is hit by a car while chasing a suspect. This leaves him with constant and severe pain which he overcomes with the use of painkillers, of which he takes more and more as the pain remains. He falls asleep on the job and it almost costs Rigsby his life.

Did Van Pelt have a baby?

In the episode “My Blue Heaven”, it is revealed that Rigsby and Van Pelt have a daughter named Maddy.