Why did Brotha Lynch Hung go to jail?

Where is Brotha Lynch today?

Brotha Lynch Hung is currently signed to Strange Music and has sold 1.4 million CDs independently since his first release 24 Deep in 1993.

When did Brotha Lynch Hung start rapping?

Brotha Lynch Hung (born Kevin Mann) is an MC and producer from Sacramento, CA who began rapping at 13.

Who is the best horrorcore rapper?

Kool Keith

One of the greatest storytellers in rap, Keith is as confounding a character as his lyrics. Claiming to have invented horrorcore and certainly influencing a generation, Kool Keith (and his several stage personas) is a stand-out figure in hip hop.

What is horrorcore music?

Brotha Lynch Hung on Sicx Going to Jail for Molesting His Kids