What is a mihi Whakatau?

Mihi whakatau is the Māori term used to describe a formal speech of welcome and is undertaken by a Māori representative of the University. Mihi whakatau is traditionally used for welcoming, introductions, openings and general purpose which take place off the marae.

What is the process of a mihi Whakatau?

Mihi whakatau procedure

  1. Karanga (if being provided)
  2. All guests will be guided to their seats.
  3. A karakia/blessing is then recited.
  4. Followed by a mihi/speech by the hosts.
  5. When host speeches are completed manuhiri/visitors will be invited to speak.
  6. All speeches are followed by a waiata tautoko/song of support.

What happens in a Whakatau?

A whakatau is a form of welcome ceremony similar to a pōwhiri, but less formal and more flexible. It’s used in many different contexts and can be adapted to suit many types of occasion. The aspects that are common in both forms of welcome are the tikanga (values and principles) that underpin and drive them.

What is the difference between a Pepeha and a mihi?

A mihi is a greeting while a pepeha is a form of introduction that establishes identity and heritage. In formal settings, the pepeha forms part of an individual’s mihi. A group situation where everyone gives their mihi (including their pepeha) is called a mihimihi. This is often held at the beginning of a hui.

How do you pronounce mihi Whakatau?

Quote from video: Kyota sharon holt here again today we're in.

How do I do my mihi?

#My Mihi challenge

  1. Step 1: Your name. My name is ____ Ko ____ tōku ingoa. Tip: You can use your first name only or your full name. …
  2. Step 2: Where your ancestors come from (if you know) My ancestors are from ____ Nō ____ ōku tīpuna. …
  3. Step 3: Where you live now. I live in ____ Kei te noho au ki ____

How do you introduce yourself in te reo?

Quote from video: Introduce yourself intel maori it's simple all it is is your name where your ancestors come from and where you. Live.

What is the purpose of a mihi?

The Mihi whakatau is a traditional Māori welcome ceremony. The purpose of the Mihi whakatau is to remove the tapu of the Manuhiri (visitors) to make them one with the Tangata Whenua (Home people).

Why do Māori mention their waka in their mihi?

Waka: This is the ‘ship’ your family came out to NZ on. Iwi: Your iwi is the group of people you identify with.

What do you wear to a pōwhiri?

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What are the 7 steps of a pōwhiri?

Pōwhiri usually consists of the following stages:

  • Karanga (call) This is the first and unique call of welcome in the pōwhiri. …
  • Whaikōrero (speeches) Formal speech making follows the karanga. …
  • Waiata (song) …
  • Koha (gift) …
  • Harirū (shaking hands) …
  • Kai (food)

What do you say in a mihi?

Quote from video: Say hey Mariota Cupra Miata manga my mountain is Polonia coronary – Wacha my canoe is Tyne.

What is the first step of a pōwhiri?

Traditionally, a pōwhiri begins at the waharoa (entrance to the marae), starting with an initial karanga usually conducted by the kaikaranga (women caller) who stands at the front. The manuhiri (visitors) are called on by a kaikaranga who begins the karanga, to which the manuhiri kaikaranga responds to.