Who played drums on God hates us all?

Drummer Paul Bostaph follows a simple rule suggested by Rubin when in the studio: “The perfect take is the one that felt like it was going to fall apart but never did.” Seven-string guitars were used on the tracks “Scarstruck” and “Here Comes the Pain,” the first time SlayerSlayerSlayer was an American thrash metal band from Huntington Park, California. The band was formed in 1981 by guitarists Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman, drummer Dave Lombardo and bassist/vocalist Tom Araya.

Who plays drums on repentless?

drummer Paul Bostaph

King further revealed that he and drummer Paul Bostaph have recorded 11 songs on a demo, while also working on some additional tracks, seven of which had complete lyrics.

When did Slayer come out?


The band was formed in 1981 by guitarists Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman, drummer Dave Lombardo and bassist/vocalist Tom Araya. Slayer’s fast and aggressive musical style made them one of the “big four” bands of thrash metal, alongside Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax.

Who plays drum for Harry Styles?

Sarah Jones

Who is Sarah Jones? (Harry Styles Drummer) Sarah is a drummer, vocalist and songwriter, best known as Harry Styles drummer. Sarah is a fan of different music styles, from rock and metal, blues, to electronic, indie and pop that she sticks to these days. When it comes to her drumming, she has a signature style.

Who plays drums for Billie Eilish?

Andrew Marshall grew up in the New York area, where he was exposed to the city’s vibrant music scene at a young age. He received his first drum set at the age of 9. His father nurtured his love of music by taking him to jazz clubs in Manhattan, and he was gigging professionally by age 14.

Who played drums with Lenny Kravitz and her?

Cindy Blackman is probably one of the most successful drummers in music today. In addition to her touring and recording with Lenny Kravitz, she has recorded several jazz albums as bandleader and performed with numerous illustrious jazz and rock artists.

Who plays the drums for Phoebe Bridgers?

musician Marshall Vore

Bridgers later dated American musician Marshall Vore, who works as her touring drummer and has collaborated with her on other music, until 2017; they co-wrote her single “ICU” about their relationship, and remain friends and collaborators.

Who plays drums for AC DC now?


Name Years active Instruments
Angus Young 1973–present lead guitar occasional backing vocals
Phil Rudd 1975–1983 1994–2015 2018–present drums percussion
Cliff Williams 1977–2016 2018–present bass backing vocals
Brian Johnson 1980–2016 2018–present lead vocals