Who really wrote Smells Like Teen Spirit?

Who came up with Smells Like Teen Spirit?

guitarist Kurt Cobain

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” was one of several songs written following Nirvana’s first recording sessions with producer Butch Vig in 1990. Singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain began writing it a few weeks before recording their second album, Nevermind, in 1991.

Why did Kurt Cobain wrote Smells Like Teen Spirit?

She wrote “Kurt smells like Teen Spirit” in reference to a deodorant brand that Cobain’s girlfriend at the time wore. Cobain, who didn’t know what Teen Spirit was, was said to have interpreted it as a revolutionary catchphrase and named a song after it.

Did Kathleen Hanna write Smells Like Teen Spirit?

Back in 1990, Kurt Cobain and Bikini Kill leader Kathleen Hanna spent an afternoon together, drinking 40s and harassing a right-wing pregnancy center. That night, Hanna wrote the words “Kurt smells like Teen Spirit” on Cobain’s apartment wall, and Cobain turned that message into a song you may have heard.

Did Dave Grohl write any Nirvana songs?

I didn’t think I was a songwriter.” In an interview on CBS show Sunday Morning, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has revealed why he never wrote music or sang in Nirvana, and only started writing his own material after Kurt Cobain’s death in 1994.

What is Nirvana’s biggest hit?

Smells Like Teen Spirit

If this was a list ranking Nirvana’s most commercially successful songs, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” would easily be #1.

What did Kurt Cobain write on his shoes?

Endorsement: Cobain’s Converse

Cobain penned “Endorsement” across a pair of Converse sneakers.

Is Smells Like Teen Spirit about school shootings?

But, despite its gritty depiction of rebellious a high-school rally, Smells Like Teen Spirit wasn’t shot in a place of education. In fact, it was filmed on a soundstage on Stage 6 at GMT Studios in Culver City, California.

Is Teen Spirit deodorant still made?

Teen Spirit may have been forgotten by some, but luckily for those of us with nostalgic tendencies, the brand isn’t completely gone. The deodorant has been renamed Teen Spirit Stick by Lady Speed Stick, and out of its extensive 10-scent lineup, two currently survive today—Pink Crush, and Sweet Strawberry.

What exactly does Teen Spirit smell like?

Teen spirit smelt like a stolen dab of your father’s Old Spice and the dregs of a can of Lynx deodorant you’d got last Christmas from your granny. It smelt like flat Bulmers, swigged from a flagon down the local park on a Friday night, along with the stale reek of Benson & Hedges.

Does Teen Spirit deodorant have aluminum?

Teen Spirit is an antiperspirant, and we know that means it contains aluminum.