About Guitar Moves with Keith Richards: “There’s Two Sides to Every Story”

What was Keith Richards guitar style?

Keith is a nice mixture of Muddy Waters style Chicago blues, mixed with some Carl Perkins rockabilly, with a little country pedal-steel sounding twang. Even though he’s technically the “lead” guitarist for the Stones, it’s his style of playing rhythm that really makes him stand out.

What chords does Keith Richards use?

For the majority of his career, Keith plays his 5 string Telecaster, named Micawber, which is in Open G tuning (Low to high, D G D G B D). Open G is a tuning that tunes all the open strings to a G major chord (G B D being the Major chord triad for G).

What makes Keith Richards special?

His sense of rhythm, signature sustained chords, open tuning and his capacity to ingest the blues guitar styles of Chuck Berry and Jimmy Reed created something entirely new and genre defining. While the band continue to explore how big a rock band can grow, Keith is an anchor of authenticity.